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Docker Swarm Compatible Multi-Arch Builds With Manifest

This is pre-release Docker stuff. Although agreed in principle at time of writing, this may never become part of Docker or may be changed in significant ways. Once this is supported by Docker, you should use their documentation.

I used Stefan Scherer’s WhoAmI image to help me understand this functionality.

Docker Swarm Compatible Multi-Arch Builds With Manifest feature image Photo Credit: Massimiliano Latella

Raspberry Pi Automated Setup

Recently, I have setup a stack of Raspberry Pis into to test out Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and OpenFAAS. The biggest problem I found with this is setting up the Pi itself - it’s not difficult as such, just fiddly.

Raspberry Pi Automated Setup feature image

How Clever Are Developers?

Last month, my wife and I went on a fabulous cruise for our honeymoon. When meeting new people, eventually you get asked the inevitable question “so Simon, how do you earn a crust?” With the exception of the Cockney train driver who thought that a software engineer made sofas, pretty much everyone responded the same way - “I couldn’t do that, I’m not clever enough”.

How Clever Are Developers? feature image