Who are you? No, I won't accept your LinkedIn invite if you don't say

Who are you? No, I won't accept your LinkedIn invite if you don't say "hello"

If I’m truthful, I don’t really get LinkedIn. I guess a marketing consultant would tell me that I need to develop a social media strategy to decide what I want out of it, but I haven’t.

My LinkedIn “strategy” is to publicise my blog by republishing the articles I write on there, keep up with a few old colleagues and researching new people with whom I may want to work with. I’m currently happy with that.

Generally, I prefer few deep connections over many shallow ones. I can count the number of people who I consider true friends* on the fingers of one hand. My Twitter has ~650 people, but I only really chat with a dozen of mates and follow F1 stuff.

The biggest confusion I have are people who add me without any interaction at all. I really don’t get it.

From the people I see, it tends to be recruiters. I thought the whole point of LinkedIn was to foster relationships with old friends and colleagues and to make new connections.

If you’re not even going to say “hello”, what’s the point in adding me? What’s in it for me by clicking “accept”?

I’m not after a long missive or even anything really life-changing. If you just want to connect because I look interesting and you want to follow my career, fine (I’ll secretly question your sanity mind - I’m dull). But if there’s nothing, I’m not accepting.

* My definition of a “friend” is someone who, if I were going to the pub with them and they’d forgotten their wallet, I would pay for their drinks and meal and not expect them to pay me back later. top