An open letter to testers

An open letter to testers

Dear Testers,

I’m writing this letter on behalf of all Developers.

We love you Testers. Yes, I know we fall out sometimes because you break our beautiful code. But that’s no different to when we broke our little sister’s Lego or when our big brother ripped the head off our Action Man. It’s not spiteful breaking - it’s your job.

We need you too. Imagine the shit we’d send out if we didn’t have you to look over it. Look at what happens when we leave you out of things - you were on your holiday when we shipped Netscape Navigator, we made you cut corners on Windows Vista and less we say about the Arianne 5 rocket the better.

There’s just one little thing you we could do with you doing. It’s just a little thing, but it would make us happier.

When you get a bug, please tell us how to recreate it. Let us know how you broke it, let us know what you did and let us know what you expected. Pretty please. With sugar on top.

We know you have a lot on your plate, but if you could just stop saying “there’s a bug in the software on the checkout page” that would be good. We would be able to fix it for you then.

You are our brothers, our sisters, our friends and our lovers. Let’s not fall out.

We love you and we need you.

xx Developers